Pilates classes
Our classes are ideal for improving overall well-being, injury rehabilitation and prevention.


This course introduces you to the principles of Pilates exercise.

Starting with basic breathing, correct standing posture and pelvic awareness, this course progresses to developing core control and spine mobilisation, as well as muscle strengthening and lengthening exercises.

The Swiss Ball is also introduced. Physiotherapists have for many years used this ball in rehabilitation work, and it is increasingly used in body conditioning. The ball adds further challenges to Pilates exercises for postural and stabilising muscles, by making them work in an unstable environment. It also provides more variation and fun to programmes.

New exercises are introduced each week so if you miss any sessions, please remind your instructor if there is something you have not previously covered.

Audio programmes

Download audio files to work out to.

Master the basics MP3(30.4mb)  |  Intermediate Home Mat Programme MP3(34.7mb)  |  Music credit- Kevin MacLead incompetech.com

Intermediate Mat / props

Group classes have a maximum of 12 people. A progression from beginner classes, the intermediate classes provide a full body workout utilising your own body weight and some small apparatus such as Swiss Ball, theraband, magic circle and foam roller.

These can assist with exercises or increase the challenge. The emphasis is slow, precise and controlled movement to gain healthier movement patterns while maintaining all Pilates principles.

Advanced Mat / props

Group classes as for Intermediate with more challenge for those who like to work their bodies harder to lengthen and strengthen their muscles so the body becomes more balanced and flexible. Good body awareness is vital to taking part in these classes.


The reformer enables resistance-based Pilates exercises. Using a sliding carriage, spring tension and pulleys, the reformer gives a total body workout that reaches deep into the fibres of muscles clients never knew they had.

This works legs, arms and torso against resistance to increase flexibility, coordination, strength and stability.

Studio semi-private or private one-on-one sessions

These are for clients who have their own individualised programme or exercises tailored to their needs to assist them in other classes. This includes ‘individual station’ exercises which may utilise the complete range of studio equipment such as trapeze table, combo chair, ladder barrel, reformer plus mat and props. 

Available in class and circuit sessions, and for one-on-one personal training sessions.